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Barty the Moose

March 21, 2011

Barty the MooseBartholomew is a moose.  For years, he lived with his fellow moose brethren in a commune on the northern-most tip of Wainwright.  However, he was never completely happy.  Stories had reached his commune of an adventurous moose, known only as Bullwinkle, who traveled around the world with a squirrel named Rocky.  Bartholomew always felt a deep kinship with Bullwinkle, as they both were cursed at birth with obscure names that began with B.  Sometimes, that is all that a moose needs.

As a baby moose, Bartholomew was different.  While the other moose frolicked in meadows and searched for tasty wood shavings, Bartholomew hunted for a friendly talking squirrel who was interested in becoming his sidekick.  Unfortunately, friendly talking squirrels with aspirations of adventuring with moose were in short supply in Wainwright.

Thus, one morning, Bartholomew decided to take matters into his own hands and leave his beloved commune.  After a hearty breakfast of twigs and roots, he said a tearful goodbye to his friends and galloped down the road, certain that he would soon find his very own Rocky.



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