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K Rec Day

March 21, 2011

UntitledThe cabin sat right beside the lake, and there was a beach.  We spent many hours building ‘toad stools’ over our feet.  We really thought that a frog might come live in them, but what else could you expect from an 8 year old.  The was never any fear of sunburn or skin cancer, or so I remember.  It was just a fun day at the lake with my sisters and a bag of 10 Jiffy burgers for $1.00.  Talk about ‘Where’s the beef!’  I guess there were adults around, but who was paying attention to that?  The pier jutted out about 20 feet into the ‘deep’ water and if you jumped from there we could just doggie paddle enough to reach the diving platform.  We scurried up the ladder and jumped right back in, over and over.  Why is it we never got tired?

What was that? It scratched across my back.  Deep arm swings thru the water to get away.  Then, there it is again.  Why is my back hurting?  Paddle,paddle, faster and faster.  I can feel the sand on my big toe.  Paddle harder.  Big splashes as I rise into the air and my feet take hold.  Run, run out the water.  Why is everyone laughing?  What?  Just a little brim fish pecking at my mole!  Doesn’t matter to me.  I will not go back in.


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