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It’s Almost Too Easy

March 20, 2011

Then I Flexed My BodyI took a millisecond to assess the situation. I’ve grown comfortable with the apparent simplicity of barriers created by the human species to limit the movement of a superior life. I looked closer at the design and imagined my hair follicles brushing against the oval-shaped iron bars, smoothing my way with ease. My nose touched the cold surface. I thought about the nerves that just told my brain to synthesize the size of the portal. Then I focused more closely and pondered the microscopic makeup of each of my cells. I imagined the complex cellular city at work, and contemplated the wonder of my brain that allowed me to instantly assess the size of the opening. I thought about the veins just under the surface of my skin. I thought about my heart pumping oxygenated blood through those veins as I jumped through the opening. I thought about my lungs, and how I would need to factor in the expansion of my body as the air inflated and deflated my body.

Then I flexed my body. I pondered the miraculous effort that humans made to build this simple barrier. I created a thought — my brain processed the subconscious instruction and translated it into a task for my body — my nervous system delivered that task to my legs- and my legs performed perfectly. There is no barrier that can stop me.


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